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Here, we’d like to introduce you to Justin, an ordinary American guy who lives here in Bandung and surprisingly he is able to speak Bahasa fluently.

The man is very friendly and polite and he teaches English class in one of major universities here in Bandung.

The story started when one day Justin went to attend one of his friend’s wedding and there was Widya with her gorgeous smile. Justin couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

After a while, he asked his friend to introduce him to her. As they introduce themselves, this young lady smiled and answered with only one word, “Widya”. That’s it! He was mesmerized and became speechless.

Widya had left a very deep impression in Justin’s mind. After a few days gone by, Justin decided to contact her.

In the beginning of their relationship, both Justin and Widya faced a lot of obstacles. Both of them came from completely different cultural background and religion. To make it worse, they live in different city here in Indonesia. However, no matter how hard the challenges that they faced, their love for each other endured and made it even stronger than before. And as the result, we are very fortunate to witness and capture their story on their wedding day. Enjoy!


Photo by : Sam , Defi, and Jeff

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