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I cannot imagine a life without prayer, it adds a dimension to life that you may not realize what you’re missing until you begin to pray. It brings families, marriages and organisations together in a way that nothing else can. – Mary Jo Rapini

For Eric and Tetty, the power of prayers really means a lot to them. Because that’s basically the true foundation of their relationship to move forward. At one point, they both faced an obstacle in their relationship. They then started praying in hoping that one day their family would give full supports and blessings for their future plans. Obviously, their journey had not been easy. Until one day, God answers their prayers and they are now ready to take the leap of faith to tie the knot.

There are so many stories behind one couple’s relationship, some are happy some are sorrow. Nonetheless, should the relationship last till marriage, it will surely have a very happy ending for the couple.

We welcome you to witness their love story through these beautiful photos we took for their prewedding in Singapore.

Have fun! =)


Photo by Tata & En-En

MUA & Hairpiece by Elysia

Assistant by Defi


~ Tata ~