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Road to Transformation

Deciding to leave behind our fixed income and stable jobs, and embarking on a journey towards a future yet unknown, is definitely not easy. We have been praying, because we wouldn’t want our job to be just a JOB. We want it to be a blessing to other people and that we could continue to serve the Lord even when we’re doing something we love. That is how it all started…

One year ago… Tata and myself got into thinking of having our own photography company.
One year ago… we were sitting in our favorite restaurant, Aburiya, eating our favorite meat, wagyu, when we came out with the name “the wagyu story”.
It’s also then, that we decided to start the company in 2010. Can’t believe it is all happening now. Can’t believe how awesome God has been to us. And the support our family and friends gave, is unbelievable.

We’re also grateful that we had an opportunity to take part in a photo essay collaboration with Ev. Chang Khui Fa. It’s a book titled as “Garam & Terang for Youth: Road to Transformation” (translation: Salt and Light for Youth). Every chapter has been a great journey for us. And God has been helping us ever so graciously in this project. For us, this is a big challenge, because we don’t want to expose our work just for the sake of publishing, but we really want everyone who reads this book to be blessed.

Coming up with ideas for each chapter has not been an easy process. We’re usually not much of a reader ourselves so it’s definitely a challenge for us to read each chapter and understand the meaning clearly so we could put it into an image. Thank God for friends who has given us ideas and supported us through prayers. Special thanks to everyone who has volunteered in making the images come to life, and to Arlin for helping us with our biography in the book =)

We hope the youth readers will benefit from the topics in this book, and that our photographs will assist them in understanding the themes.

Tomorrow, on the Ascension Day of Jesus Christ, the book will launch nationwide in Indonesia. We will be at Visi Bookstore, Istana Plaza, Bandung from 12pm to 4pm. Please feel free to drop by =)

The book presents 11 Chapters that will transform youth. Transformations that would be meaningful for life. Chapters in this book follow the acronym GARAM & TERANG (SALT & LIGHT), that will guide you with step by step journey together with the Lord to experience a true TRANSFORMATION.

Chapter 1 – God’s Presence in My Life. This chapter reveals the true signs of God’s presence in our lives.

Chapter 2 – A Path to find His will. The mystery will be revealed to those who search for Him.

Chapter 3 – Romance in Fire! In this chapter, we’ll talk about falling in love, dating and sex. Don’t get burnt now!

Chapter 4 – Adventure to the Market Place. I’m pretty sure everyone, in one point of their life, wondered what kind of career path they are going to choose. Pray and let Him guide you through your talents and choose the perfect career for you.

Chapter 5 – Money! Money! Money! This photo illustrates that God is the source of money. He always provide enough, at the right time, for u and me. Count your blessings on what He has given you through money. We discuss everything about money in this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Time Management. How many of you have seen youth more into their handphones than anything else around them? Here we talked about how you juggle your time between school/work, your family, church and your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Chapter 7 – Establishing Universal Faith. The different colors on the wall represents different nations all over the world. Our eyes must not only be fixated on black and white, but rather, sees all the different colors as a gift from God and ready to be called to bless all nations regardless of class and race.

Chapter 8 – Restoring Relationship. Not all of us had that perfect childhood memories. Yet sometimes we are afraid to look back on our past because we’re afraid that we might get hurt again. Here, you’ll discover 3 steps that could help restore a broken relationship, especially between parents and siblings.

Chapter 9 – Able to Cope with the Problems. This chapter is about changes and problems that youth have to faced today. Learn and apply practical tips to overcome the problems.

Chapter 10 – Never Give Up! Facing Depression. The statements says it all, but it’s never easy.

All of us at some point in our life must deal with the big “D”, Depression. We often think that we are the only person in the world that has to deal with this condition and that as God’s servants’, we’re always riding high and never have down times. We are not alone in dealing with the blues. We see even the Lord God in Christ had to deal with fear, that often leads to depression. Luke 22:39-46
Read more to find out how you can win against depression and stress.

Chapter 11 – Grow as A Leader. So jump high, reach out and be an even bigger blessing when you are in a high position =)

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much everyone. God bless.

Patricia Agustin Sunardi - June 3, 2011 - 11:28 am

Really interest to join in this blog.. I hope I can be a member of this blog.. Thanks You.. May God bless You and Your Family..^^

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